Ten Homemade Wedding Gifts

I love getting homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are both useful and meaningful because of the purpose they serve and the thought, time, and energy someone put into making them.  And, they are often more cost-effective as well!

My favorite wedding gifts when I got married?  A “goodie basket” my good friend made for my husband and I to enjoy on our honeymoon containing lots of our favorite snacks.  Perfect for celebrating our first Thanksgiving Day together when we couldn’t find a restaurant that was actually open!  The homemade potholders my husband’s grandma included as part of our gift.  They’ve gotten lots of use, and I think of her every time I use them!  And, I will always treasure the wedding ring quilt my mom lovingly made for us.  All those stitches remind me of the love she and my dad have always shown me.

Here are some of my favorite homemade gifts that are both practical and thoughtful, and many are very economical, too!

1. Homemade Vanilla Extract – This yummy gift is easy to make and sure to be used!

2. Cookbook – I typed out my most-loved recipes and put them in a cute recipe box for a friend who just got married.  You could also type them out and put them in a pretty binder or similar book.

3. Handstitched Dishtowels – My mom has given away countless sets of these practical items, and even has a set already made for each of her grandchildren!

4. Crocheted or Sewn Potholders – Jarvis’ grandma crocheted the set of potholders she gave us.  You can also make them by sewing two pieces of heat-resistant fabric, terrycloth, for example, together with padding (like an old blanket cut up) in the middle.

5. A Homemaking Binder – This can be a very helpful gift for brides and/or couples you know well.  I put together my favorite homemaking resources like making a budget, meal planning, etc, and put them in a pretty binder.  Something that I wish someone would have given me when I got married!

6. Framed Custom ArtworkA word or phrase stitched on fabric and framed.  If you love photography, a framed photo of the couple.  Or, if you’re an artist, an original sketch or painting.  My friend, Abbie, is an amazing artist and frequently gives her drawings to friends and family for gifts.

7.  Handmade Quilt – A potentially more costly gift, both in time and money, but completely practical and very beautiful.  This gift will provide the couple with years of use.

8. Homemade Bath & Body Products – A fun gift for the bride.  I recently made a sugar scrub and body butter for a friend’s shower, and not only did she love them, so did everyone else!  Check out Stacy’s ebook, Simple Scrubs for some great ideas!

9. Goodie Basket – My friend filled ours with snacks and other edible goodies, but the possibilities are really endless – food items, kitchen items, favorite must-haves for homemaking, etc.

Autumn Goodie Basket10. Throw Pillows – This is both a fun and practical gift.  It is super-easy to make and allows for lots of creativity in embellishments.  Monica has a helpful tutorial for making a zippered throw pillow.

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