My Frugal Swiffer Mop

I’ve used a Swiffer Wet Mop for a quick floor cleanup for a long time even though I’ve never been crazy about the smell or the chemical additives in the disposable cleaning pads, not to mention the price.  It’s quick and easy and so I tolerated it for the sake of convenience.  But, recently I had enough.  I decided to replace my box of Swiffer disposable pads with some homemade reusable ones.  I took a small terry-cloth hand towel that was ready for the “rag bag” and cut it in half.  Then, I soaked one half of the towel in my homemade cleaning solution  (you could just spray it on the cloth, too) and attached it to the Swiffer mophead just like the disposable ones.  It worked great, and when I was done cleaning, I simply threw it in the wash to launder and reuse!  No sacrificing convenience to save time and money!

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