Saving Money by Being Patient

Saving Money by Being Patient

One of the best money-savers I’ve found is purchasing out-of-season clothing items for the upcoming year.  For example, I’ll start looking for my oldest son’s upcoming winter clothing immediately after Christmas through March or April.  You can find some great deals, especially if you can be patient.  This year I found sweaters at Old Navy for $2.00 marked down from $15.00!  I found a beautiful Christmas dress at JCPenney for my daughter on sale for $2.50 reduced from $27.50! 

I primarily shop local department stores, but I also check online regularly for many of these stores, too.  If you plan to order around the holidays, many online stores will offer reduced or free shipping. 

As a side note, this technique can work for some food items, too.  I stock up on canned pumpkin after Thanksgiving, baking supplies after Christmas, and ham after Easter! 

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